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Peterborough City Council

The City Council has 57 councillors who represent 24 wards. Twenty of these councillors, representing nine wards, are elected within the boundaries of North-West Cambridgeshire. Of these 20 councillors, none are Liberal Democrats (they are all Conservatives!).

The overall composition of the council is:

  • Conservatives: 38
  • Independents: 10
  • Labour: 5
  • Liberal Democrats: 3
  • English Democrats: 1

From these figures, it is apparent we have a long way to go in Peterborough!

2012 City Council Elections

There will be local elections in seven of the wards within the constituency:

Ward Candidate Current Councillor Party
Barnack David Over CON
Fletton and Woodston Fran Benton CON
Glinton and Wittering John Holdich CON
Orton Longueville Pamela Winslade CON
Orton Waterville Gavin Elsey CON
Orton with Hampton Chris Wiggin David Seaton CON
Stanground Central Irene Walsh CON

Election Schedule

Most years, there are local elections. The table below shows the party that currently holds each seat.

Ward 2012 2013 2014 2015
Barnack CON
Fletton and Woodston CON CON CON
Glinton and Wittering CON CON
Northborough CON
Orton Longueville CON CON CON
Orton Waterville CON CON CON
Orton with Hampton CON CON CON
Stanground Central CON CON CON
Stanground East CON
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