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Huntingdonshire District Council

The District Council has 52 councillors who represent 29 wards. Eighteen of these councillors, representing 10 wards are elected within the boundaries of North-West Cambridgeshire. Of these 18 councillors, one is a Liberal Democrats: Mike Baker who represents the Ellington ward.

The overall composition of the council is:

  • Conservatives: 41
  • Liberal Democrats: 8, one from North-West Cambridgeshire
  • UKIP: 2, both from North-West Cambridgeshire
  • Independents: 1

The Liberal Democrats form the main opposition group within the council. This group is led by Councillor Peter Downes who represents Brampton. The deputy leader is Mike Shellens who represents Huntingdon East.

In the 2011 local elections, Mike Baker comfortably held his seat in Ellington. He was the only councillor up for re-election. In 2012 we failed to make progress in other wards but we hope to change that in 2014.

2012 District Council Elections

There will be local elections in five of the wards within the constituency and we will be defending Warboys and Bury. Preliminary candidate selection has started:

Ward Candidate Current Councillor Party
Ramsey - Phillip Swales CON
Sawtry - Richard Tuplin CON
Somersham Tony Jebson Steve Criswell CON
Warboys and Bury Tony Hulme Peter Ward LD
Yaxley and Farcet Chris Waites John Watt CON

The results are shown below:


Unfortunately we were unable to find a suitable candidate for Ramsey in 2012, so did not contest this seat.

Candidate Party Votes
Lisa Duffy UKIP 1138
Brian Cunningham CON 565
Susan Coomey LAB 167


Unfortunately we were unable to find a suitable candidate for Sawtry in 2012, so did not contest this seat.

Candidate Party Votes
Richard Tuplin IND 1049
Roger Henson UKIP 231
Mary Howell CON 109


Candidate Party Votes
Steve Criswell CON 871
Shirley Reeve UKIP 251
Tony Jebson LD 181
Graeme Watkins LAB 180

Warboys and Bury

Candidate Party Votes
John Pethard CON 612
Michael Tew UKIP 346
Iain Ramsbottom LAB 195
Tony Hulme LD 169

Yaxley and Farcet

Candidate Party Votes
Mark Oliver CON 860
John Hyland UKIP 453
Margaret Cochrane LAB 429
Chris Waites LD 97

2011 District Council Election Results

The results for elections in the constituency are shown below. Full results for the District Council can be seen here.


Candidate Party Votes
Philip Godfrey CON 1410
Iain Ramsbottom LAB 335
Tony Hulme LD 323
Raymond Zetter UKIP 217


Candidate Party Votes
Michael Baker LD 755
James Bevan CON 567
Kevin Goddard LAB 102

Elton and Folksworth

No elections.


Unfortunately we were unable to find a suitable candidate for Ramsey in 2011, so did not contest this seat.

Candidate Party Votes
Ian Curtis UKIP 1503
Susan Normington CON 1016
Susan Coomey LAB 309


No elections.


Candidate Party Votes
Graham Bull CON 1255
Tony Jebson LD 357
David Brown LAB 287
Michael Horwood UKIP 206


Candidate Party Votes
Peter Mitchell CON 655
Mary Howell LAB 177
John Henson UKIP 174
Chris Waites LD 90

Upwood and the Raveleys

Candidate Party Votes
Robin Howe CON 602
Robert Brown UKIP 252
Patricia Worgan LD 125
Graeme Watkins LAB 79

Warboys and Bury

No elections.

Yaxley and Farcet

Candidate Party Votes
Eric Butler CON 1766
Margaret Cochrane LAB 526
John Hyland UKIP 407
Martin Land LD 186

Election Schedule

Most years, there are local elections. The table below shows the party that currently holds each seat.

Ward 2012 2013 2014 2015
Earith CON CON
Ellington LD
Elton and Folksworth CON
Sawtry CON CON
Somersham CON CON
Stilton CON
Upwood and the Raveleys CON
Warboys and Bury LD CON
Yaxley and Farcet CON CON CON
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