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Cambridgeshire County Council

The County Council has 69 councillors who represent 60 divisions. Six of these councillors, representing five divisions are elected within the boundaries of North-West Cambridgeshire. Of these six councillors, none are Liberal Democrats.

The overall composition of the council is:

  • Conservatives: 41
  • Liberal Democrats: 21
  • Labour: 3
  • Other: 4

The Liberal Democrats form the main opposition group within the council.

Relation of Divisions to Huntingdonshire Wards

Division Huntingdonshire Wards
Norman Cross Elton and Folksworth, Stilton, Yaxley and Farcet
Ramsey Ramsey
Sawtry and Ellington Sawtry, Ellington
Somersham and Earith Somersham, Earith
Warboys and Upwood Warboys and Bury, Upwood and the Raveleys

Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Responsibilities

The table below shows which services are provided at county level by Cambridgeshire County Council and which are provided at district level by Huntingdonshire.

Services Cambridgeshire County Council Huntingdonshire District Council
Allotments x
Car parks x
Care and protection of children x
Care for elderly people x
Care for people with a disabilities x
Cemeteries x
Concessionary travel fares x
Council tax and business rate collection x
Cycle routes x
Education including Special Needs x
Electoral registration x
Environmental health x
Emergency planning x x
Highway maintenance x
Housing and Housing Benefit x
Improving road safety x
Leisure centres and pools x
Libraries and archives x
Licensing of markets x
Local planning and building and development control x
Maintenance of Public Rights of Way x
Meals on Wheels x
Minerals and quarries x
Museums and arts x
Nursery schools and classes x
Parks and open spaces x
Primary and secondary schools x
Providing adult education x
Public conveniences x
Refuse collection x
Registration of births, deaths and marriages x
Road clearance x
School transport x
Street cleaning and litter x
Strategic planning for Cambridgeshire x
Street lighting x
Trading Standards and Consumer Protection x
Tourism x
Traffic calming x
Traffic management x
Waste disposal x

2013 County Council Elections

Elections are held every four years and all divisions at the same time. The next elections will be in 2013.

Division Candidate Current Councillor Party
Norman Cross Chris Waites Nick Guyatt CON
Norman Cross TBD Mac McGuire CON
Ramsey Tony Jebson Peter Reeve UKIP
Sawtry and Ellington Rupert Moss-Eccardt Viv McGuire CON
Somersham and Earith Tony Hulme Steve Criswell CON
Warboys and Upwood Christine Wills Victor Lucas CON
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