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Ward maps completed

The ward maps for Peterborough have now been completed. That completes the basic structure of the site and I can now start to add information about local issues and campaigns, events, people, etc. Other updates: Linked to Google Analytics account so can now track usage statistics and registered site with Google Added plugin for page [...]

Ward maps

Another day, another update! I’ve now added a page for Peterborough City Council, though I haven’t added individual pages for each ward yet. I’ve also added maps to the pages about the constituency. At the moment, I’m experimenting, so there will be some flux. The data for the boundaries is from the Ordnance Survey Boundary [...]

Website Progress

I’ve added a new page about the Cambridgeshire County Council and its relation to Huntingdonshire District Council. This needs a table showing the responsibilities of each council, so I’ll add a table like the one here. The content about our area is now almost complete, with just the Peterborough wards to add. Once this is [...]

Added Huntingdonshire pages

Pages for all the wards in Huntingdonshire that fall within North-West Cambridgeshire have now been created. These include results of the 2011 local elections, where appropriate, and when the next election for each ward will occur. They can be found in the “local party” section. An overview page for Huntingdonshire District Council has also been [...]

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