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Real skills for real lives

Young people’s skills in the work place have been neglected until recently. In a balanced economy, we must ensure that people can get the skills necessary in the way that best suits them and meets the demands of employers. That is why Liberal Democrats have been overseeing a record expansion in apprentices in the East [...]

The Big Brother state won’t happen on the Liberal Democrat watch.

Northwest Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats fully and wholeheartedly endorse Julian Huppert’s petition to stop Theresa May’s plans to create a snoopers charter and encourage you to follow this link and sign it! To maximise coverage, we have included it below. If you like it, please also complete our poll and comments are welcome. Julian said “Liberal [...]

Fighting for a better NHS

The Lib Dems are continuing to work in Parliament to ensure NHS reforms deliver a better deal for patients. Nick Clegg’s party won major changes to the reforms earlier this summer. These included measures to ensure there will be no privatisation of the NHS and no special favours for the private sector. Nick Clegg said, [...]

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